File name: IMG_0321dimeonglasswflashandbowldiffuser.jpg
File size: 152.68 KB
Exposure time: 1/500 seconds
F stop: 8.00
Focal length: 14.90 mm
Camera model: Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Additional Information:
The dime and penny in the first 4 images were taken on a piece of 1/4" clear plate glass in a semi-darkened room. The glass pane was suspended about 4 feet from the floor. This provided a comfortable working height. The distance from the objects under the glass was sufficient so that insufficient light reached them and therefore they didn't show up in the photo. The flash and a bowl-type diffuser was used. The light was slightly too bright so I applied a piece of duct tape to the inside of the diffuser just in front of the flash. When using this technique, you must take the photo at an angle to the coin. If you take it from directly over the coin and glass, too much light will be reflected and the photo will show your reflection as well as having blown out highlights.

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