File name: abIMG_4815b.jpg
File size: 138.03 KB
Exposure time: 1/2.5 seconds
F stop: 8.00
Focal length: 28.40 mm
Camera model: Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Additional Information:
Here, I used a black backdrop. The edges of the device can now be seen clearly. The left side of the calculator is very brightly lit. That's because I placed one of the lamps there to reduce the shadow that was under the calculator (caused by the other lamp). If that bright area was a problem, I could have placed a diffuser there to soften the light. Something as simple as a paper towel or piece of tissue paper could have served as the diffuser.

Sometimes, a display like this one will be difficult to capture clearly. This is a fluorescent display that's housed in a glass envelope. The glass envelope can produce undesirable reflections from the light source. If this happens, move the light source(s) until the undesired reflection is gone or reduced to an acceptable level.

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