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Exposure time: 1/3.3 seconds
F stop: 8.00
Focal length: 7.30 mm
Camera model: Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Additional Information:
In this configuration, the glass is at about 60. The cell phone is held to the glass with blue-tack type poster adhesive. I use bamboo skewers (used for shishkabob) and packing tape to hold the glass at an angle. The lower edge of the glass is taped to the vinyl to prevent it from slipping. The pointy end of the skewers stick into the vinyl and won't slip unless placed at an extreme angle. The paper at the left is used as a reflector (to more evenly light the face of the cell phone). The rag over the light prevents lens flares.

  • Apply the poster adhesive to at least 3 points on any device. On the phone, only 1/2 of the phone was touching the glass so I used 3 pieces of adhesive on that half of the phone. For something like a phone where the display will continue to turn off (to conserve battery power), you want it securely attached so it won't move when you have to push a button to switch it back on.
  • Do not get the poster adhesive into the vents/grills/holes of the device.
  • Do not apply the adhesive to labels or rubber components.
  • Do not allow a rag to touch incandescent lamps (as you see done here with fluorescents). It would be a fire hazard. Even when using light sources that operate at low temperatures, you need to be careful when allowing anything to contact the lamp.

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