File name: abP1010097smallflonlywithdif.jpg
File size: 445.19 KB
Exposure time: 1/320 seconds
F stop: 8.00
Focal length: 9.90 mm
Camera model: C740UZ
Additional Information:
This photo was taken with a poly-fill diffuser. The shadows are relatively soft. If you wanted softer shadows or no shadows, you could use a reflective enclosure (as shown elsewhere on this site) or you could light the model from the bottom (as we're doing in this section).

If you look closely, you can see that the shadows under the front of the model are less diffused than in the rear. Although this is partly due to the fact that the front end is closer to the table, it's made worse because the poly-fill wasn't evenly distributed in the plastic bag. You can see an arc of light near the front fender of the model If you use this type of diffuser, you need to use a bag that's small enough to prevent shifting of the fill material.

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